Hello, I'm Whitley 

At 18 I rushed out the doors of my mom's house and off to Virginia State University. I was studying Psychology and making a world of new friends. I was so excited to see where my life would go and how much I would evolve. Graduation day came in a flash, and I had no idea where I was headed. I took a leap of faith and hit the road to New York. Once I got there an dabbled in a few jobs, but nothing crazy meaningful. Though I was making good money (great money, actually) I couldn’t for the life of me understand why I dreaded waking up for work In the morning. I knew I wanted to help people but had no idea how. I jumped from youth development to community services to transition specialist. The one thing all these jobs had in common was helping assist the development of other people. How was it I didn’t know what I wanted to do, however seemingly was so good at helping everyone else find their roadmap to success. Simple! I wasn’t walking in my purpose or my truth. My real calling was being silenced every day I took a job that wasn’t my soul’s calling. That’s when I knew it was time for a change. 


After a while utilizing this special skill for the benefit of other companies and business didn’t make sense to me anymore. I left the field. I started my brand my own personal discovery and improvement brand. I wanted no limits. I wanted to be able to help you in the most empowering way. I didn’t want to follow the rules because I don’t want you to. I had to lead by example and step out for what I believed in. I believe in my brand. I believe in your journey, and I believe in you. 


If you are serious about changing your life first, you have to change your way of thinking. Don’t get trapped in your thoughts how we all tend to do most days. The power is there, and Whitley Charee is here to help inspire you to do those very things you would never have thought possible.  


I want you to not only trust in me but in the power of your journey. The time is now.  

What inspired Whitley Charee?

This brand was created because I needed it. I went through a very difficult time. 

A break-up, how cliche.

I was in the relationship for the better part of my young adult years and once that relationship ended, I had no idea who I was

I had to start asking myself the hard questions to really understand my personal identity as well as what I needed to do to live the life that I wanted. 

I’ve redirected and dedicated my brand to giving help, encouragement, and resources to help people take control of their lives. 

I hope you take something away to better your situation.

Welcome to the family.

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