5 Factors that are Known to Increase Happiness


It sounds great, doesn’t it? There are ways to increase your happiness, and factors which have been proven to make you happier! If you want to give yourself a boost and shake off the blues, here are some of the things you can do to increase your own happiness.

1. Go to bed early

Getting enough sleep can have a huge effect on the way you feel, include your happiness levels. Health professionals recommend getting eight hours of sleep per day, but depending on your age, health, and individuality, you may need more or less than this. It’s best to figure out for yourself how much sleep you need – you will find this quite easily by monitoring the way you feel each day over a period of several weeks.

2. Do something new

Whether it’s a trip away to an exotic destination you’ve never visited, or it’s time to step back onto the dating scene, there are many things you can try which may boost your happiness. If you enjoy traveling, booking a trip is always a sure way to feel better, while those with hobbies may enjoy a new experience relating to what they know they like.

3. Smile and laugh

Happiness breeds happiness. Smiling at others will make them smile…which in turn will make you smile more! Laughing has been proven to make us feel better, even when we’re not even sporting a genuine laugh. Even just looking at photographs of people smiling can make you feel more positive.

4. Spend time with nature

Even if you’re not an ‘outdoorsy’ type, there’s no doubt that spending time in nature can increase your happiness levels. Find something that you enjoy – this could be trees, mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, or the beach.

5. Avoid negative people – spend time with positive ones

You may have negative people in your life that it’s difficult to avoid, but you should aim to strike a good balance between optimists and pessimists. Spending time with happy people will allow you to immerse yourself in positivity and feel happier. The opposite is true if you spend time with negative people, so while you can’t always say no, don’t let yourself spend too long in the company of pessimists. Furthermore, having a few extra friends could be the key to feeling happier – studies have shown that 5-10 friends is the optimum number.

*Bonus* Take Your Vitamins

Some of the time the reason we are unhappy is a hormonal imbalance or vitamin deficiency! Try taking daily vitamins to ensure you are getting the proper nutrition that you need. I take these mood-stabilizing vitamins, but if not those try: B12, D3, and magnesium.

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