New Years Resolutions: How To Make This Year More Awesome Than Last Year.


I find it interesting that people discourage others from participating in New Years Resolutions.

While we want to be sure we encourage people to constantly evolve and not just on New Years--I'll be the first to say I'd rather New Years than not at all. From what I've been reading, 2018 was quite the journey for a lot of people, This year lets take control of the year and make it a GREAT ONE.

Now that we have gotten that out the way, lets get to the ways to have a better year that last year.

1. Do more things that you enjoy.

I know you read this and say its quite obvious, however when we get busy the first things that get sacrificed are the things we do in our leisure time. Of course our thought process is, "I cant miss work." "My kids have activities I have to attend to." "I don't have time because everyone around me relies on me." However how good is your life if you are burnt out all the time? Just as going to work is important, spending time do what you want is just as mandatory, That's the way you have to think of it. I challenge you to make time for yourself to do something that you enjoy AT LEAST once a week. I don't care if it is just a bath. Take that bath, lock the door and relax, you deserve it!

2. Read a new book.

Reading is the way to learn new things and even though most of us have finished school the learning should never stop. Think of something that you are interested in and find a book on the topic and learn more about it. For myself, audiobooks are a way of life. I love listening to books about self improvement and taking control of my life. I could read or listen to it all day! The best thing about audiobooks are that I can listen and learn new information while doing whatever else I need to do. When you learn more about things you are passionate about it gives you a boost of energy and makes you want to do more and who couldn't use a little more motivation?

3. Spend more time with people and things who make you smile.

This is an easy one that doesn't need much explanation. Its your life and I'm sure you want it to be happy one. Spend time with people who push you to be better, spend time with people who give you purpose, and spend time with people who make your heart smile. This is the easiest way to live a life that you enjoy. While people can be a source of happiness don't forget the activities and items that also make you smile. Spend time reflecting with or about the things that make you smile. This will instill gratitude in your heart and a grateful heart will always fill full.

4. Do some self reflecting.

self reflection is the best way to gauge where you are mentally and emotionally. When you tap into yourself and identify what you are feeling you are able to discover the source of things that are problematic for you and your development, Living a life that you enjoy requires you to identify the things that you don't. Staying checked in will make this process easier, so be sure that you are being cognitive not only on how you feel but the end goal you are trying to achieve.

5. Identify your toxic traits.

While it is very easy to call others out for the toxicity they cause to your life sometimes we fail to identify our own. This is counterproductive to your growth as a person. You want to come to terms with the things you struggle with and try and gain control over them. Identifying those things is sometimes the hardest part. Accepting that we were the toxicity in someone else's life can be very difficult, but I am here to tell you that this step cannot be skipped. We are have shortcomings however what are you doing to take control of yours? Once you have identified those things you want to find healthy ways of dealing with those things even if you have to reach out for assistance. It is okay to ask for help and this brings me to my next point.

6. Seek Therapy

There are countless people in this generation trying to recover from their childhood. Lets face it, we are nearly 30 and no one wants to deal with the repercussions of things that happened to you when you were a teenager. While your pain and trauma is validated it is no one else's responsibility to "fix you." Pony up and grab a therapist and get to healing because the only way this year will be better than the last one is if you can learn to face yourself in the mirror. I know the stigma associated with therapy, especially in the black community, but this is your life. You get to decide whether you want to continue living life as a victim or if you'd rather grab some control over your life.

7. Be intentional.

Lastly, I want you to live your life with intention. Do things you enjoy without regret. Make decisions for yourself despite how other may look at you. Celebrate the things others look over as something small. Say things to yourself that are kind and thoughtful. This is your life and you need to take control of it or else it will feel like life is happening to you. You have the control, but need to learn how to hone it. Everyday when you wake up CHOOSE the type of life you want to live then live it. You have way more power than you believe you do. Grab life by the horns and make it the beautiful life you have always dreamed about, because this life is yours.

I hope you utilize these tips to create a very fruitful life you don't want to escape from.


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