How to Let Go of Past Negativity

It’s tough to let go of the past, especially if you have negative feelings or have been through a traumatic and very negative experience. While therapy, self-care, positive friends and mindfulness are great ways to help yourself let go of past negativity, there are many things that you can do aside from this.

Here are some of the things you can try which may help you let go of past negativity.

Make sure you have enough distance

As well as emotional space from anything which is causing you sadness, pain and grief, you should ensure that you have physical distance. This is particularly true in cases where, for example, a person has left a relationship with somebody who was having a negative effect on them, but haven’t moved out of the shared home or are still living in close proximity. Creating a clean break is the first step for many people.

Don’t be harsh on yourself

Pondering on your negative experiences of the past and wondering why you haven’t moved on yet will prevent you from letting go. Instead, be gentle with yourself and acknowledge that this is a perfectly normal way to feel after going through something negative. Imagine you were talking to your best friend – how would you be speaking then? This is the way you should be talking to yourself – encouraging, compassionate and positive.

Let it out

Sometimes we have to just let it out before we can move on and let go of past negativity and emotions. This could mean crying for several hours, working out intensely at the gym, or ranting to your best friend all night on a phone call. Don’t be afraid of letting your emotions out sometimes – it’s much better than holding them all in.


Forgive yourself, forgive your enemies, forgive those who have caused you sadness and upset, and forgive the situation. Forgiveness allows you to move on more than anyone, even if you aren’t in a position to tell a person that you’ve forgiven them.

Accept that some things may never change

While it would be nice to think that situations will always work out in our favour or will always have a positive outcome, sadly this isn’t always the case. Some people, some situations and some events will never change, and sometimes you have to accept and acknowledge this in order to move on from past negativity.

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