Is Social Media Destroying Relationship Expectations?


I am no scientist, however, we can agree that if you read and see something enough it becomes your truth. Right?

Every day when I log onto Facebook or any other social media site, I am flooded by relationship memes. Some very relevant, some very interesting and some that are completely unsettling. A lot of these memes and posts are centered around relationships and when I see what peoples' expectations of relationships are I am at a loss for words.

Memes can and are created by just about anyone. They are post that express humor, feelings and anything under the sun. But, the question I am constantly asking is, Are people taking a little humor to be the truth?

I am sure we have all seen the pictures of flowers, candy and Victoria Secret merchandise captioned "Relationship Goals" And I also know that daily there is a cute couple with a seemingly perfect flipgram circulating captioned, GOALS AF.

Now, while both of these things could very well be true to a particular relationship the expectation of it is what causes the problems. Just because you post a cute flipgram doesn't necessarily mean its a great relationship, just as, a relationship that is never posted mean its an unhappy one. The problem with the social media idea of relationships is that its only about the cute pictures, baecations and expensive and elaborate gifts.

But here's what the pictures don't show. It's crying at night because you can't explain why you are sad. It's having the same argument constantly hoping the results change. It's saying I'm sorry even if you don't feel you were wrong. It's forgiving the person after completely shattering your trust. It's rebuilding after all the mistakes that destroyed your happy home. It's saying I love you even when it's hard to like them. It's holding each other engulfed with tears. It's not giving up despite how much you just want to walk away.

Love is easy, but keeping your relationship when love doesn't feel like enough, that takes work. It won't always feel like love, but if you truly love them; you will put in the work

Cancel out the expectations and let your relationship run its course.

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