Maintaining A Career While Battling Depression: The Conversation More Entrepreneurs Need To Have.


Depression, anxiety and everything under the mental health umbrella is difficult to deal with. From friendships, family life all the way down to daily obligations such as; cleaning your house-- mental illness can make the simplest of tasks seem daunting.

In recent years, the conversation of mental illness has reared its pretty little face in the black community, finally. Finally, as a community people are standing up and speaking out about depression and other mental illnesses that have and are effecting our community. We discuss how depression makes it difficult to be a good friend, a good mom, but those who struggle with it knows it effects EVERYTHING.

But the conversation that still needs to be had is how depression, anxiety and other mental ailments cause a rift between creativity and productivity. BOOP! Let me say that again--depression can be the gap between having GREAT ideas and executing those GREAT ideas.

Those who struggle in this regard aren't free of creative thought. They don't always stop flowing great business and creative ideas--but they do struggle making those things happen. Take me for example, I love putting out feel good content. I love to help assist people on their daily journey of self improvement, but when depression sets in I find myself struggling to take my own advice.

Depression doesn't always present itself as sadness, being withdrawn and irritable. Sometimes it shows as laziness, lack of interest and motivation in your own passions.

Whew chile, that's a read and the truth!!

Depression will make you feel like your ideas aren't good enough no matter how many people have encouraged them. Depression will make you feel like your contribution to the world is small and meaningless despite the number of "You have inspired me" messages you receive. Anxiety will have you second thinking if this is even the right course for you even though you get so much fulfillment from it.

For all of the business folk out there, especially the entrepreneurs--

I know what it feels like to think you have wasted an entire day withering away because you couldn't leave bed today. I know what it feels like to put on a happy face for the sake of your business and/or brand because being sad isn't good for business. I know what it's like to sit on a project for months because you can't find the motivation to finish it.

Struggling with depression and waking up for a typical job is hard enough, but entrepreneurship requires so much more of you. No one there to hold you accountable. No one to write you up if you show up late. No one in your ear enforcing the deadlines. No one is there to make sure you are doing all the things you have set for yourself to accomplish. It is hard for anyone, but slightly more difficult for anyone who struggles with mental illness.

So to anyone who is doing this business thing with depression, those waking up and making it happen the best way they know how and crushing it everyday (even when you don't feel you are).

This article is for you. A reminder that you are amazing and your brand is worth it, even on the days you don't finish. So keep pushing out incredible content, be as consist as your mind allows you to be and never feel that you aren't worthy of what you do and have to offer. Someone out here needs you!



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