Books To Read In 2019.

Malcolm X once said:

If you ever want to hide something from a negro, put it in a book.

Though this was some moons ago I believe the statement to still be somewhat true.

The current generations are so in gulped with social media and technology sometimes books take the back seat. While I enjoy the social media just as much as the next person, there are times when curling up to a good read is undefeated. There are so many topics that are covered in books that its impossible to hate them all. My book drug of choice is self improvement, because who doesn't want to become the best versions of themselves everyday. *big cheese*

Self improvement and self care has become quite the wave in recent months. You see more people and even celebrities talking about the benefits of self reflection and personal time. Its growing acknowledgment among social media doesn't even begin to tap the tip of the iceberg, True self care and personal reflection is necessary for any real growth. At least substantial and meaningful growth. To truly grow you have to get in tune with your own self awareness. To be able to acknowledge the things within yourself that could use some fine tuning. Sometimes just quieting the noise to pick up a book with refreshing and stimulating content can make all the difference. These books are great for that. These books made my list because sometimes you need a push in the right the direction. Here are some of my favorites.

1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***

This book here is like one of my favorites. This was the book at the beginning of my self improvement journey. The title caught my attention like I am sure it did yours. Mark Manson has a way of delivering what you need to hear in a way you can't ignore that you needed to hear it. The gut punches in this book were so strong that I really had to do some self reflecting after and ask myself, "Why am I like this?" It was a hard realization for me at first to realize I was the problem in my life, my relationships and friendships and honeyyyy, that was a tough pill to swallow. His "charming" approaching (and I use charming very loosely) was just what I needed to really start to understand my role in my oh so terrible life. Anyone who is ready to read themselves and doesn't mind the frequently use of the word f*** should definitely check this out.


2. Big Magic

The only bad thing that I can say about this book is that it took me while to really commit to reading it. For me it did start slow and I had to revisit it a few times before I felt I couldn't put the