Books To Read In 2019.

Malcolm X once said:

If you ever want to hide something from a negro, put it in a book.

Though this was some moons ago I believe the statement to still be somewhat true.

The current generations are so in gulped with social media and technology sometimes books take the back seat. While I enjoy the social media just as much as the next person, there are times when curling up to a good read is undefeated. There are so many topics that are covered in books that its impossible to hate them all. My book drug of choice is self improvement, because who doesn't want to become the best versions of themselves everyday. *big cheese*

Self improvement and self care has become quite the wave in recent months. You see more people and even celebrities talking about the benefits of self reflection and personal time. Its growing acknowledgment among social media doesn't even begin to tap the tip of the iceberg, True self care and personal reflection is necessary for any real growth. At least substantial and meaningful growth. To truly grow you have to get in tune with your own self awareness. To be able to acknowledge the things within yourself that could use some fine tuning. Sometimes just quieting the noise to pick up a book with refreshing and stimulating content can make all the difference. These books are great for that. These books made my list because sometimes you need a push in the right the direction. Here are some of my favorites.

1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***

This book here is like one of my favorites. This was the book at the beginning of my self improvement journey. The title caught my attention like I am sure it did yours. Mark Manson has a way of delivering what you need to hear in a way you can't ignore that you needed to hear it. The gut punches in this book were so strong that I really had to do some self reflecting after and ask myself, "Why am I like this?" It was a hard realization for me at first to realize I was the problem in my life, my relationships and friendships and honeyyyy, that was a tough pill to swallow. His "charming" approaching (and I use charming very loosely) was just what I needed to really start to understand my role in my oh so terrible life. Anyone who is ready to read themselves and doesn't mind the frequently use of the word f*** should definitely check this out.


2. Big Magic

The only bad thing that I can say about this book is that it took me while to really commit to reading it. For me it did start slow and I had to revisit it a few times before I felt I couldn't put the book down. Once I got there I was so ashamed it has taken me so long to fall in love with it. Big Magic is a book for dreamers. It helps motivate and strategize the ideas you have and give you the inspiration to take those projects head on. The book is such a feel good read and the more you read the more motivated you felt. You feel yourself becoming inspired with every word she speaks and all your creative projects just seem to end up finished. If you are looking for a push, a creative tug to help jumpstart all those creative juices this is certainly the book for you.

3. Soulful Simplicity

This book is such a hidden gem. I honestly can't even remember how I came across it. Courtney Carver divulges about how clutter is immediately related to personal and mental wellness. Before everyone was binge watching how to tidy their homes on Netflix, this book served as a perquisite. This was the first time I was reading something that made a lot of since. When my home was cluttered or messy I felt anxious and was in disarray and when my home was tidy and smelled good my mind felt light and calm. This book has such a warm way of teaching you to care for yourself by taking care of the space around you. Ever since this book I am more cognitive about the way I keep my living space. Puts me back in control of my day, my circumstances and my life. Its a pretty great feeling.

4 & 5. You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness Start Living an Awesome Life. || You Are A Badass at Making Money.

Jen Sincero made this list with TWO whole books. I just love her energy and I can feel it through her writing. Both of these books work hand and hand. In the first one You Are A Badass she talks about taking control over your life, kill the victim mentality and simply change the things you don't like. Simple enough, eh. Don't worry she certainly delivers it in a much better way than I just did. She is insightful and and gives you that, "ah ha" moment. Like, "why didn't I think of that" she gives you tools and ways to live a life that makes you happy. Following that book she comes out with You Are A Badass At Making Money and this one came right on time. We addresses the negative relationships a lot of us have with money and works to shift that thinking. She helps you become a money magnet, just by changing the way you treat money. It was a really dope and insightful read.

6. The Four Agreements

This book is a quite the quick read. Don't need to dedicate a lot of time to complete it. Do not let the shortness of the book stir you believe it isn't packed with a lot of pertinent information. This is great for starting your journey because this book tackles and addresses the four things you need to agree to do to start living a life that is more fulfilling. The agreements sound very simple but the goal is to live by these agreements daily, and that sometimes can be tricky. The smallest things we do for ourselves sometimes are the most impactful. Are you going to commit to the agreements?

Alright guys,

these are my top six books of the moment. I really could have went on and on but I will save the rest for another blog post. I am excited to see if you all are interested in checking out any or all of these books. Which one will you be reading first. Let me know here by commenting or tag me in your reads on social media! Happy Reading :)

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